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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lemon Meringue Tartlets

I got this recipe from my friend in Paris, she taught me how to make this fantastic classic French tartlet in the traditional way. The meringue that tops this tart is hand finished with blowtorch to give a dramatic look that could easily be served in a restaurant, and would impress your guests at any dinner party.

The base is similar to sponge cake, but this dish hides a secret! Hidden in the middle is a little oasis of lemon curd that is the surprise for everyone. The meringue is super-smooth and light in texture, having been whipped into soft peaks, then layered onto the base to cover the lemony surprise. When the tartlet is fully assembled, the pure white meringue is browned by using a blowtorch for that professional looking finish.

This tartlet is was my friends' good treat they loved it when I had that during my dinner party because of the sweet lemony taste it is a good idea to draw a finishing line to the dinner party.


  1. so when do we get the do you make the lemon you use cornflour to thicken the custard (quelle horreur!)

  2. My lemon curd is gluten free, is only butter, eggs and sugar.

  3. I remember you making this in the UK, totally delicious! Good luck with your new venture, I'm sure it will go very well!

    1. Oh! You got good memory. I hope I can make it for you again.