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About me and this Blog

This blog was set up to help achieve my lifetime ambition to make a career from baking quality pastries and other delicious deserts. I wanted to share with everyone the progress I make, and show you some examples of what I can provide.

This journey started when I was living in the United Kingdom, in the Yorkshire region. There, I became very interested in cooking in general, but baking in particular. The classic French style of baking was taught to me by my partners' 70 year old Grandmother, who was an old style cook with a wealth of experience and expertise, and half French, half English, so I was able to absorb a lot of knowledge while I was there.

Many of the pastries, cakes and treats you will see on this blog were found in the Grandmother's ancient hand-written recipe book, that had been written for over 50 years, a goldmine of information and tips for baking in the classic traditional way.

Now I'm back in Kuala Lumpur, I feel ready to bring back the knowledge and skills I learned in Europe, and share it with my fellow Malaysians!

Thank you for looking at my Blog, I hope you enjoy your visit here, and come back often for updates.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    My mum tried to contact you about a lemon drizzle cake, but hasn't received a reply from you yet. Did you receive her email? Her name is Pearl Wong.



    1. Hello Sonia,
      I'm so sorry I was really busy with my new practice of pastry. How may I help you?


    2. Hi Sonia, I'm sorry for the delay too, but I have just checked our message archive, and we have had no enquiry from your mother, sorry. If you'd like to ask her to contact Treedson again, he will get straight back to her.

      Sorry for any confusion,

      Neil (Andrews Family Bakery)