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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Holiday Cake

This last few days it has been raining and it's put me in the mood to start to make some Christmas treats, as that time of year is getting close now! I'm also going to make some hand made Christmas cards to send to my friends back in the UK. The mail has been so unreliable, I had better make sure I send them early this year.

The cake is baked in a very traditional European Bundt tin, which is most noticeable for it's decorated sides and the fact it has a big hole in the middle! The tins come in many different sizes and shapes, some like buildings or mountains, but all look spectacular. They can be a bit tricky to use as the cake mix can tend to cook more quickly in the thinner parts of the cake, so it can take a bit of experience until every cake turns out looking good, and cooked evenly. Bundt cakes are thought to originate in northern Europe and Scandinavia, but became popular in the USA after a national competition contestant won second prize with a bundt cake in the 1960's.  

When this cake is first turned out of it's mould, it can look a bit dull and uninteresting, but just wait untill you see the transformation as the "snow" falls onto the tree-tops! I always sing the classic Christmas song Let it Snow, Let it Snow while the snow is falling ;) 

This cake is normally baked as a fairly plain cake, but this time I gave it a seasonal twist and added a walnut filling, which tasted amazing. I really enjoy this with an espresso martini, or with my morning coffee. 

This month there will be lots of cake tasting to get ready for the Christmas Soirée, as I hold the same Soirée every year, and this cake has been requested on the table by my friends, they love it, and it makes an impressive centre-piece to any table, I hope it can be on your table during this festive season too!


  1. It looks like mountain but also like pine trees to me. The powdered sugar reminded me of Christmas is just around the corner. Hohohoho

    1. Yee Ling, indeed Christmas is around a corner soon. Can't wait to serve this on table.

  2. Ha! I start feeling Christmas mood already.....
    Sending my early greeting to u & your family "Merry Christmas"!

    1. Thank you Leo, would you like to try this? I organizing a cake tasting in this month, do inform me if you are interested.