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Thursday, 26 April 2012


So, for the first post on my new Blog I decided to post 3 examples of sumptuous French Madeleines.

Madeleines are a very traditional French treat, great for snacking and a fantastic accompaniment for coffee. Baked in traditional shell shaped moulds, these mini sponge cakes have been enjoyed all over Europe for hundreds of years, and are available with many different flavourings to suit every taste.

The first photo shows a simple and classic melt-in-the-mouth vanilla Madeleine.

The second example is a richer Cocoa Madeleine, dusted with fine cocoa powder and flavoured with freshly brewed espresso coffee.

The third photo is a trio of indulgent Mocha and Chocolate Madeleines, a delightful blend of coffee and dark 70% cocoa chocolate. A real treat for when you need that little bit of self indulgence after a hard day at work!

The final photo is those are chocolate lover, it is definately a good treat with two Coffee-Madeleines sandwich with the chocolate cream, it looks like a black pearls in the shell. The first bite of it with the ozzy chocolate that came out from the side that you got a reason to lick the figure too.

Keep following this blog for more examples of Madeleines and many more traditional patisserie treats. If you'd like to actually taste anything you see, please contact me for a price list and your delivery options.

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